Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I buy the course online and pay directly on website?

Yes, all our courses are available for purchase on website. You can register on website and buy the course but paying via credit card/debit card

Are my card details secure?

We don’t collect your card details. Once you check out the card details are entered on Stripe page. Stripe is one of the leading payment gateway provider. Visit for any questions

Are you affiliated to SAP?

No, we are not associated, affiliated or connected to SAP. We are providing courses which are designed by industry experts based on the market needs

Do I get access to system during training?

Yes during training you will have access to our server. We do not use public server rather we have our dedicated systems for our trainings which are fully updated with latest patches.

Can I access the system after trainings?

You can buy extended access after training completion. For price get in touch with our support team.

If I am not happy with the course can I get refund?

We will ensure that you are happy and satisfied with our training delivery. In case you are not happy you can ask for refund after 2 hours of training class. If more than 3 hours class is completed then we do not refund unfortunately. We can always adjust your course, trainer depending on type of issue you have

Do I get access to recordings of my class?

Yes all sessions are recorded and will be available to you for usage. We do not provide downloadable access of videos due to privacy reasons. You can always view them online as and when needed and that access will be lifetime

Can I get discount on any course?

We can offer this and you can discuss this with our team via our email ID – [email protected]

Can I change the course after registration?

Yes you can change the course after registration as long as the 2 hour limit is not crossed

Can I contact the trainer after class completion?

We recommend to contact us and we can align the communication. Due to commercial arrangements with our trainers we don’t recommend you to contact them directly as they charge for the time

Do I get the reading material?

The material which is presented by the trainer will be accessible to you for reading. We are not authorized to provide you any book/material which is not published by us (like SAP Press book, SAP Certification material) so the material will always be limited to our own content

Can I pass certification after your course?

Our courses are aligned with SAP certification content and pattern so they always help.

Do you support in SAP Certification?

You need to buy SAP certification course directly via SAP. We are not authorized for the same. But our courses always help you to pass as we follow similar pattern

Do I have 24*7 support from your team?

We do try to support round the clock but sometimes that’s not feasible practically. But we always respond to emails within 24 hours. Anything urgent can always be communicated via WhatsApp.

Can you share trainer’s contact details with us?

No, due to confidentiality clause with trainers, we are not allowed to do the same. Sometimes candidates find them via social media channels but we don’t recommend that

Do you use Pseudo name for trainers?

No, we use real names and our website have their updated photo and names. We believe in transparency

Can I give feedback after training?

Yes we always like it. It helps us in improvements and motivate us for doing better. You can email us.

Can I join you as trainer?

We always respect and welcome talent and will be happy to discuss this. Email us with all details and our team will get in touch with you

Do you conduct corporate trainings?

Yes we do conduct corporate trainings. Get in touch with our team to make an inquiry

Which technology you use for trainings?

All are trainings and webinars are conducted on Zoom